Bharat Bhushan (yogi) : Saharanpur

In 1971, Bhushan founded Mokshayatan International Yogashram, a yoga center at the age of 20 years. After traveling a lot, he has been sharing his experience and expertise in Yoga as well as in Indian on various TV channels since 1978.

Bhushan has worked with Indian Armed Forces, Industries, Scientists, Schools, Colleges and people of various religious religions. Widely praised, Bhushan is popularly known as 'Homemaker Sanyasi', claiming that yoga is not merely a means of physical fitness, but a lifestyle that is for mental alertness, spiritual knowledge and social welfare. Leading is. They emphasized the practice side of yoga instead of the topic of discussion. He believes that Yoga is the best solution for personal, social and international problems as it relates to the brain. According to the available information, he has won the title of First Vegetarian Mr. Delhi, Mr. Muscle Man, Mr. India, Pratap Shri and Arjun Shrine of India in Body Building. Zee News and U.P. Has also been honored with "Awadh Honors" - "Life Time Achievement Award". Government and "Life Time Achievement Award" for important contributions to the health care profession given by AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) and Ayush Health Ministry.

He is involved in a wide range of yoga campaigns called "Jago Bharat Dhyana Yoga Orolan" in collaboration with Zee Network. Yogi Bharat Bhushan has recently been honored with Honorary De Lit by Chaudhary Charan Singh University for his outstanding contribution in the field of Yoga Traditional Indian Yoga.

Jago Bharat Dhyana Yoga Movement

He is involved in a wide range of yoga campaigns called "Jago Bharat Dhyana Yoga Movement" in association with Zee Network. To help Zee Network, with the aim of "the rich life" and to help people live a happy and healthy life, joined hands with "Padamshree" Yogiraj Bharat Bhushan, which is the only Yoga Guru of India, "Padamshree" In the field of YOGA given for contribution. The program is aimed at helping people realize the innumerable benefits of yoga and also learn the right techniques of yoga and meditation. Under this banner of Wake India, Bhushan organized camps related to yoga, meditation and lifestyle, to present the right and correct form of Indian traditional yoga and to bring awareness among the youth, which is not only for the ancient people It is beneficial for young people and children too.

First International Yoga Festival

Bhushanji helped, initiated and operated the first International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh. Initially the U.P. The government started this program at Ganga Khede Hotel Rishikesh, but due to the increase in popularity and the increase in the number of foreign participants, it has been transferred to Parmarth Niketan Ashram Rishikesh because Bhushan wants this event to reflect the traditional Indian form of yoga. Kare and his students should learn this Art in the environment This luxury is very special for the arts and five star facilities. Suitable with stems.

Body Building

He was one of India's leading bodybuilders and won almost every state award in Body Building and finally won Mr India.

Guru, guide, socialwork

Since his college days, he has tried to introduce yoga as part of the education system in universities and schools so that children and youth can be made aware of their health from a very early age and they can stay healthy and eat Can be made of habit They can protect themselves from bad habits like drugs, alcohol, and smoking. He has introduced a concept of Live Blood Bank to arrange blood donors for time and free for the person at the time of need. This concept brings communal harmony among the people of all religions to donate blood without any discrimination. Through his school, health centers and ashrams, he always tries to give a message to the youth, "Yogi Banu Uyogi Bano" means that whatever caste, creed or religion you belong to, always be healthy and useful.

Bharat Yoga

Indian yoga has been a traditional Indian form of yoga practiced by rishis of India for decades, but due to the commercialization of yoga, old India Yoga is losing some of its identity and form. These days, to attract new customers, the presenters present the old organs of yoga with the new name and harm the old traditional forms of yoga. Guru Bhagat Bhushan initiated a campaign to preserve the traditional form through his school Mokshayatan International Yogashram using traditional name Bharat Yoga and traditional style of yoga. Recently he invited the Governor of UP. For a program to promote India Yoga in its ashram.