Patalpuri Akshayavatt temple : PrayagRaaj

Patalpuri Temple is a Hindu temple located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad. In October 2018, Allahabad's name 'Pray Prayag' has been changed by the Uttar Pradesh government, which is the old name of this place. Patalpuri temple is one of the oldest temples of Allahabad. The Patalpuri Temple and the Adig Banyan tree are located near each other. Patalpuri temple is located inside Allahabad Fort. Patalpuri temple is a temple situated under the earth which is known by its name. This fort was built in 1583 during Akbar's reign. The Amar Banyan tree is known as 'Akshaya Yavat'. This tree is considered very sacred. It is said about the Andaman Banyan tree that this tree will also stand when the whole world is destroyed. This place is one of the major tourist destinations of Allahabad (Prayagraj).

It is believed that Lord Rama and Prahalad had visited this Patalpuri temple. Famous Chinese traveler and writer Hwy Tsang visited this temple during his visit to India