Aghocharacharya Baba Kinaram was born in Ramgarh village of Chandauli district near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh state of India in 1601 AD. In the Bhadrapad, there was a huge quadruple. It is believed that, after birth, after three days of his birth, he started crying with the blessing of Hinglaj Mata, goddess of Angola.

According to scholars in Varanasi, Baba Kinaram was a great saint and founding father of prehistoric Ahora. Baba Kinaram is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva. When he was born at the house of his parents (Shri Akbar Singh and Mansa Goddess) in the Kshatriya family, the entire people of that area were happy. After his birth, he neither cried nor sucked his mother's breast for at least three days. On the fourth day of his birth (three days later), three monks (Lord Sadashiv: Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh's believer) came to him and took the child in his lap. As soon as he whispered something in the ear of the child, he began to cry. From that day, the Lokal Shishthi festival is celebrated on the fifth day of his birth as a ritual of the Maharaja Shri kinaram Baba by Hindu religion. Baba Kinaram started his religious journey for social welfare and humanity with the blessings of Hinglaj Mata (Goddess of Angola) in the Lyari district of Baluchistan (known as Pakistan). He was the disciple of his spiritual guru, Baba Kaluram, who had inspired awareness about Ajghor.

Later, Baba Kinaram had established himself in the city of Lord Shiva, Varanasi, to serve the people and enlightened them with prehistoric knowledge. In his compositions, he had known the principles of arrogance in the name of Ramgita, Vivekar, Ramarasal and Unamuniram. Vivekar is said to be the most real thesis on the principles of Ashar. During the religious pilgrimage, Baba Kinaram stayed for some days at the residence of the first house holder (Baba Shiva Das). He saw his activities very closely by Baba Shiva Das very closely. Baba Shiva Das was very impressed by his strange qualities. He suspected that it is the rebirth of Lord Shiva.

Once, Baba Shiva Das handed his entire bag to Baba Kinaram during the bath in the river Ganges and hid himself near the bushes. Baba Shiva Das had seen that the uneasiness of Ganga had increased due to the arrival of Kinnaram. The level of the Ganges water had started to rise and swiftly touched her feet and went down. Baba kinaram was known as the chief saint of the immense tradition (Lord Shiva tradition). He lived for 170 years and established Baba Kinaram Stall. After his death, his body was buried with the Goddess Hinglaj in the last resting place.

According to the devotees and scholars, this is considered as the current Baba Siddhartha Gautam Ram (Mahant of the Pithaheshwar / Baba Kinaram Palace), which is the 11th incarnation of Baba Kinaram. Baba Kinaram has established an ancient strong seat in the city of Varanasi. It is also believed that, on the Ganges river bank in Varanasi, they created a monolithic fountain (also known as the Holy Fire, the flame of continuous fire) to continue their spiritual practice of God.

Kinnaram Baba Ashram in Varanasi-

Baba kinaram was a stronghold of the city of Varanasi in the 16th century. After attaining the philosophy of Lord Dattatreya, he founded Baba Kinaram Aghor Ashram (name, Krum Kund Astal) in Varanasi city. Achoharacharya Maharaj Kanaram passed through all over India and felt the pain of the people. After that, he spent his whole life to overcome the sufferings of the people.