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Kashiyana reaches 1 out of 2 consumers in the Benaras area every day through our portfolio of hyper-local cyber and digital informations.

Our network of over Banaras allows us to create customized media solutions for our advertisers and partners through community , mobile-optimized websites, exciting iPad apps, integrated consumer promotions, targeted e-mail blasts, and local events.

We’re proud to continually bring new print and digital solutions to our clients and readers throughout Benaras and the over 300 communities we serve every day.

We offer a variety of advertising & marketing services focusing on your goals.

You could say we are a one-stop shop for small to medium sized businesses.

From online to offline with Web site design, Social Media maintenance, Print design, Photography... we can do it all. Best of all we do it fast and efficiently.

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Call: +91- 9305971287,

+91- 8924011011, +91-9956533343


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